Cat Jones is In Wild Air

“What makes [Cat Jones’] artworks or art experiences important is the capacity to experience as a community, large or small, a shift in thinking.”

Prudence Gibson and Monica Gagliano, The Feminist Plant

Cat Jones is an award winning artist, writer, research and all round creatrix with over 28 years experience.

She investigates subjugated knowledge and experiments with transformation through the subversion of social constructs, history, science, language and the senses.  Known for her immersive, art-science experiences and social engagement, she creates performance, illusion, site-specific, olfactory and edible art in collaboration with neuroscientists, physiotherapists, biologists, botanists, entomologists and gastronomists.

She has worked with experimental groups including pvi collective, Blast Theory, Chicks on Speed, The League of Imaginary Scientists and Experimenta.

As an author her work spans creative, critical and scientific writing. She is published in realtime, CSPA, Musculoskeletal Science and Practice Journal and her (co-authored) article for The Conversation received over 1 million reads in 24 hours.  As a public speaker she presents at international interdisciplinary conferences and symposiums.

Previously, Jones was Artistic Director / CEO of PACT centre for emerging artists, and Co-Director then inaugural Chairperson of Electrofringe, international festival of electronic arts and culture.

Jones has a Bachelor of Arts – Drama from Queensland University of Technology and has done extensive professional development across experimental performance, writing, art and science including The Kitchen (NY) with Bill T Jones and Laurie Anderson, Troika Ranch Dance Theatre; Time_Place_Space_1 (Wagga Wagga), Wendy Houston; Proximity Lab; Gen-Space (NY); SymbioticA (WA) and many more.

As a cultural leader Jones is a regular on assessment, selection and advisory panels for local national and international government and NGO organisations. She is an experienced director, producer and events manager with expertise in festivals, grants,  and financial management.

Jones is a recipient of numerous grants and international residencies including a Creative Australia Fellowship 2012;  and the Sadakichi Art and Olfaction Award 2016. She is  research affiliate Sansom Institute, Body and Mind, University of South Australia and  an alumni of Synapse and SymbioticA. In 2018 – 2019 Jones is Create NSW Performing Arts and Music Fellow and in 2020 she joins The Powerhouse NSW Creative Industries Residency Program.