2023 Wellbeing Magazine Issue 204 Feature Thinkers and Doers, Close to Nature by Simone Ziaziaris

2022 ABC Artworks Feature Episode 27 with Sally Coleman on Medicament for Your Predicament

2022 Hello Sunshine Interview with Georgia Beard on Medicament for Your Predicament

2021 ABC Radio Weekend Evenings with Sirine Demachkie Ep. 24 Sept (Audio Interview)

2021 Australia Council Award for Emerging and Experimental Arts (Video Interview)

2020 Australian Arts Review On The Couch

2017 Australia’s Science Channel, Artists on Science, ANAT Synapse Alumni (Video Interview)

2017 Experimenta Social #13, Cat Jones on Participation, Sense and Taste, (Symposium Panel Video)

2017 Realtime, Agricultural Magic, WIRED Open Day, Insecta Delecta, by Neill Overton (Review)

2017 ABC News, Would You like Flies With That, Insecta Delecta, by Benjamin Shuhyta (Interview)

2017 ABC Iview, Art Bites, Shock Art, Episode 4, Fear of the Female, by Periscope Pictures (Documentary Short)

2017 Huffington Post, Can You Really Know A City By The Way It Smells?, Emma Brancatisano

2017 Radio National, Books and Arts, An Olfactory Portrait of Sydney, by Regina Botros (Radio Feature Podcast)

2017 Realtime 137, The Aromatics of Thought, Scent of Sydney, by Keith Gallasch (Review)

2017 The Conversation, Scents, Sensibility and the Smell of a City, by Tania Leimbach (Review)

2017 Sydney Morning Herald, Led by the Nose, Scent of Sydney, by Peter Munro (Interview)

2016 Realtime 136, Making Scents of Sydney, Scent of Sydney, by Gail Priest (Interview)

2016 PICA – Somatic Drifts, OK Media Group

2015 University of South Australia, Art of Pain: Playing Tricks with the Mind, Illusion and its Affect, (Symposium Panel Video)

2015 Radio National, Life Matters, Art of Pain, by Natasha Mitchell (Radio Interview)

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