curriculum vitae


1993 BA – Drama, Acting – Queensland University of Technology, Academy of the Arts


Chalmers and Jones (2021); Why the Clitoris Doesn’t Get the Attention It Deserves and Why This Matters; Alexandra Hansen, (Ed.); No, You’re Not Entitled to Your Opinion And 49 Other Essays That Got the World Talking; Thames & Hudson Australia Pty Ltd (original essay published 2016)

Jones, Cat; “Somatic Drifts”; Abstracts from the Spectra 2018 Symposium: Interspecies; Leonardo; 1-4; September 2020;

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Somatic Drifts, Now, Past, Later; Edited by Maxwell Williams, Published in 2016 by The Smelly Vials Club; contributing author and artist

Chalmers and Jones; The Conversation – Why the Clitoris Doesn’t Get the Attention It Deserves – and Why This Matters, co-author

Realtime 127 – Hope in and fear of the new

Realtime Profiler 4 – Dreaming Cities – Between Billyburg and Beaverkill

Reatltime TV – Sarah Last, The Wired Lab cue 6:20 -8:22mins

Realtime/Onscreen – The Body in Question: SPILL

PACT: The Passion and the Whimsy, exhibition catalogue and photo essay by Matthew Duchesne, Foreword by Cat Jones

Realtime/Onscreen – The Cool of Artertainment

ANAT Quarterly

quotes and references

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Australia Council Award for Emerging and Experimental Arts – Interview with Fiona Winning

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ABC Iview – Shock Art Series – Fear of the Female

Radio National Books and Arts – Scent of Sydney

Radio National Life Matters – Art of Pain, Natasha Mitchell

Realtime Profiler – Big science, intimate exchanges, big humour by Ben Brooker

RealTime/Onscreen – Maximising Emergence by Caroline Wake

Japan Media Arts Festival – Media Arts in the World

Japan Media Arts Festival – Special Interview #2

VJ Theory – ah-ha! narrative structures in reactive and interactive video art by L. Hermes Griesbach


2022 Australia Council for the Arts, Emerging and Experimental Arts, Peer Assessor

2021 – now MASSIA, Estonia, self-organisation

2020- now MAAS Powerhouse NSW Creative Industries Residency Program

2014 – now Sansom Institute, Body in Mind, UniSA, Artist-in-Residence, Research Affiliate

2002 – now pvi collective, creative comrade

2009 – 2016 Centre for Interdisciplinary Arts (CIA), WA  – Residency Assessment Panel

2015 National Experimental Art Forum – Artistic Advisory Panel

2012 – 2014 Creative Australia – New Work, Assessment Panel

2009 – 2013 PACT centre for emerging artists – Board of Directors, CEO

2011 – 2012 Performance Space – Artistic Advisory Committee

2011 – 2012 NAVA – ARIna webportal, WAH Symposium- Artistic Advisory Committee

2010 – 2012 Melbourne Fringe Festival / Best Experimental Performance Award – Selector

2010 – 2012 The Sydney Fringe Festival, Curatorial Committee

2010 – 2012 Newtown Entertainment Precinct Association (NEPA), Board of Directors

2008 – 2010 Electrofringe Ltd – Board of Directors, Chairperson

2007 – 2009 Arts Queensland – External Assessor for Theatre, Media Arts and Writing

2008 SIGGRAPH, USA – External Reviewer for exhibitions


2022 Keynote, Field Trip Symposium, University of the Sunshine Coast

2021 The Future of Digital, APAM Presents, Live Exchange, Liveworks Festival

2021 Medicament for Your Predicament, Profile, APAM Darwin

2020 Medicament For Your Predicament, Lunchtime Conversation, City of Sydney Library

2020 We The Sick [Of It], Keynote, Adhocracy, Vitalstatistix

2019 Precarity, political activism and experimental art, Experimental Art Exchange, Adelaide

2019 Medicine for Misandry and other social, anatomical and pharmacological experiments in transformation, FEMeeting, Vila Nova Milfontes, Portugal

2019 Transforming politics through the borderlands of scent, Experimental Scent Summit, NDSM, Amsterdam

2019 The Plants, Episode 11, The Constellations podcast, DLUX, 107 Projects, Sydney

2019 Sensory art and the accumulative artefacts of transformation, The Five Senses of GLAMR, ALIA Online Conference, The Hilton, Sydney

2018 Medicine for Misandry, Quite Frankly It’s a Monster Conference, SymboticA, Perth

2018 Somatic Drifts, SPECTRA, MOD, Adelaide

2018 Sense It Feel It, Artists on Climate Change, Sydney Opera House

2018 Socially Engaged Art, City of Sydney Libraries, Outlandish Library

2018 Reimagining the Wasteland, Front Yard, UNSW

2017 Participation, Sense and Taste, Experimenta Social #13

2017 Artist Talk with Fiona Winning and Dr Mem Mahmut,  Sydney Festival

2016 Pathways to Practice, Carriageworks, Somatic Drifts, Arts Activated

2016 Connecting to Country, Disrupted Festival of Ideas, State Library WA

2016 Somatic Drifts: empathy and the body matrix, ISEA, Hong Kong

2015 Somatic Drifts: empathic pathways towards liminal and non-human lifeforms, Neolife, SLSA, SymbioticA, UWA

2015  Art and Pain, Unfixed lab, ANAT, Unlimited (UK) and Watershed (UK)

2015 Playing Tricks with the Mind, The Art of Pain Symposium Panel, Bob Hawke Priministerial Centre (SA)

2015 IN_LAB Artist Talk and Social Surgery, Institute of Art and Olfaction (USA)

2015 Somatic Drifts: Tactility, Illusion and Olfactive Interventions in Empathy, Aesthetics After Finitude (NSW) – Sneaking up on the Thing-Itself: Practical Approaches to Infinitude

2014 Somatic Drifts: tactility, illusion and affect in live art and crossovers with neuroscience and chronic pain, SymbioticA (WA) – Seminar Series

2014 Linking Art and Science to Treat Sensory Dysfunction, Princess Margaret Hospital, Physiotherapy Department (WA)

2014 Arts and Health, Fifth Quarter – Open Forum (SA)

2014 Linking Art and Science to Treat Sensory Dysfunction, Centre for Cerebral Palsy (WA)

2014 Linking Art and Science to Treat Sensory Dysfunction, Fiona Wood Foundation (WA)

2014 Open Studio, Bondi Artist in Residence (NSW)

2013 The Hybrid Languages of Florilegia, SymbioticA -Seminar Series

2013 The Art of Conversation – from Botany to Neuroscience, SymbioticA – Life Sciences Class

2013 Pecha Kucha, Experimental Arts Forum, Carriagworks, Sydney

2013 Transcontinental Garden Exchange,, Brussels – Research Gathering

2010 Hip to Be Square, ARI Symposium, Museums and Galleries, NSW. Compliance and producing experimental site-specific performance.

2010 Emergence, Dramaturgies, international symposium, VIC, panel on dramaturgical practice of emerging artists working in interdisciplinary, participatory and site-specific performance.

2007 Media Arts in the World, Japan Media Arts Festival


2021 Australia Council Award for Emerging and Experimental Arts

2018 Fishers Ghost Award Finalist

2018 Ravenswood Women’s Art Prize Finalist

2018 Create NSW Performing Arts and Music Fellowship

2016 Sadakichi Art and Olfaction Award Winner

2012 Creative Australia Fellowship

grants and residencies

  • MAAS Powerhouse Creative Industry Residency
  • Blast Theory/pvi collective Artist in Residence 2019
  • Southern Cross University Artist in Residence 2018
  • City of Sydney Libraries, Outlandish Library, Artist in Residence 2018
  • The WIRED Lab, Artist in Residence 2017
  • Big Ci, Artist in Residence 2017
  • University of Technology, Superlab, Artist in Residence
  • Institute of Art and Olfaction Artist in Residence 2015
  • Synapse Residency 2014/2015, ANAT
  • Australia Council Inter-Arts – Emerging and Experimental Arts Grants 2013 & 2014
  • Bondi Waverley Artist In Residence 2014
  • CIA Studios Residency 2013
  • Point B Residency 2013
  • Bundanon Residency 2012 2013 2014
  • 2013
  • Oscien – Marine Science Research GKI – Volunteer Assistant 2012
  • Australia Council Visual Arts Board 2006
  • Australia Council Theatre Board 2005
  • Playworks – Mentorship – for the creative development of catgURL
  • Ian Potter Foundation – interactive sensors
  • The Kitchen (NY) – Summer Intensive Scholarship
  • Australia Council New Media Arts Board – Runway_1
  • Rex Cramphorn Studio Residency 2001 & 2005
  • Performance Space Residency 2001 & 2005
  • Australia Council New Media Arts Board 2001
  • Queen’s Trust – Runner Up, Young Writer’s Short Story Award


2022 APAM Pause, Play, Perform, co-curator, hybrid digital program

2009-2012 PACT centre for emerging artistsArtistic Director/CEO.

Programming, producer, presenter and mentor for early career artists working in experimental, interdisciplinary performance.

2006-2008 ElectroEtre, Curator

Programming exhibitions, screenings and performances of live works that integrate and interact with media.

2006-2007 Electrofringe, Co-Director

International festival of experimental electronic arts and culture.

performance, live art, exhibitions

2019 – 2022 Medicament For Your Predicament

A socially engaged artwork compounding political medicines and creating recipes for transformation. Comprising OPEN LAB! workshop, the accumulative ONLINE PHARMACY! archive and OPEN PHARMACY! installation and live art event. Provocateurs Ju Row Farr and Maja Kuzmanovic and guest artist appearances. Developed in 2019 at pvi collective / Blast Theory residency Brighton, UK; PAF, France; Adhocracy, Vitalstatistix, Brisbane; and Metro Arts on Hope Street, Brisbane. Premiere at Liveworks, Performance Space, Carriageworks, Sydney. Tours include Horizon Art Festival, and agriculture ii with The Wired Lab 2022.


A participatory work generating micro manifestos towards the health of the social body. With provocateur Kelli McCluskey. Developed as part of Adhocracy 2020 Vitalstatistix.

2018 A Treatise on the Art of Grafting: Failure to Thrive, This Mess We’re In

Installation of plant materials, plaster forms, binding tape and memory knots for This Mess We’re In, curated by Tarsh Bates for Unhallowed Arts, Fremantle Old Customs House.

2018 #olufsenandi #lettherightonein, Dust

Three channel video installation. A multi-species study on teachers, medicine and iatrogenesis for Dust, an exhibition on insects collections and care curated by Jacqueline Spedding, Woodford Academy, Blue Mountains.

2018 Habits of a Katydid, Rituals of Mind, Dust

Zine. A multi-species study on teachers, medicine and iatrogenesis for Dust, an exhibition on insects collections and care curated by Jacqueline Spedding, Woodford Academy, Blue Mountains.

2018 Lamentable You

Short film for Realtime in Real Time, Liveworks Festival, Performance Space, Carriageworks.

2017 Insecta Delecta

A live edible vivarium created in collaboration with chef Soon Lee Low, sound by Tom Hogan, commissioned and presented by The WIRED Lab for the agri(culture) project.

2017 Scent of Sydney

socially engaged, olfactory and audio installation with public talks program commissioned by Sydney Festival 2017  and presented at Carriageworks. Finalist in the Ravenswood Women’s Art Prize and Fisher’s Ghost Art Award 2018.

2014 – 2016 Somatic Drifts

Live experience, 3 channel video installation, concrete poetry, limited edition scent for Radical Ecologies, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Adhocracy at Vitalstatistix, The Art of Pain at Bob Hawke Priministerial Centre, and Hacking the Anthropocene.

2015 You, Animal You, Force Majeure – Associate Artist, Writer and Scent Designer (creative development) with director and choreographer Danielle Micich.

2015 Century’s Breath

A socially engaged scent installation commissioned by Vitalstatistix and presented at SA Maritime Museum for Climate Century, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles for AiX Scent Fair, Front Yard, Marrickville for The Wasteland, Sydney Opera House for Unwrapped, Sense It Feel It, and Green Square Library for Underground.

2015 EcoSexual Bathhouse, Pony Express

Provacateur/Bio-turg, for Next Wave Kickstart at CIA and Daphne Studios, Perth

2015 You, Animal You, Force Majeure

Associate Artist, Writer and Scent Designer (creative developments) with director and choreographer Danielle Micich and Humphrey Bowers, King Street Art Centre, Perth.

2015 Distant Yet Connected

Group show, photographs and audio from Field Suite body of work, 643 Project Space, Ventura, California.

2015 Lamentable You

Short animation with Lucy HG and sound by Elize Reitze, Sydney Art Month, Bondi/Waverley Artist Studio Exhibition, Waverley Library.

2014 Anatomy’s Confection

One-to-one performance and social surgery at Proximity Festival, Fremantle Arts Centre.

2014 Field Suite

Site-specific plant based works, WIRED OPEN DAY 2014, The Wired Lab, Muttama, NSW.

2013 The Plantarum: Empathic Limb Clinic

A botanic sensory perception therapy for one participant at a time, Proximity Festival, PICA, Perth.

2013 One Night Gallery

Group show, photographs, audio performance at Point B, Williamsburg.

2013 Fieldwork: Empathic Limb Clinic – creator and performer – sensory perception therapy for one participant at a time, Ternate Park, Stanford USA, Performance Studies International 19 [psi19].

Evolution: A Walk (with Herbivores) in Ternate Park – creator and performer – site-specific audio and sensory tour of Ternate Park, for three participants at a time, Stanford, USA, Performance Studies International 19 [psi19].

In the Waiting Room: Needling Clitorides Histories – creator – a botanic dialogue and audience action in embroidery in the Rose Garden, Ternate Park, Stanford, USA, Performance Studies International 19 [psi19].


A performance devised by the PACT Ensemble 2011. Directors Cat Jones and Julie Vulcan, sound design Melissa Hunt, lighting design Emma Lockhart-Wilson, production design Lucy Thornett.


A performance devised by the PACT Ensemble 2010. Directors Cat Jones and Julie Vulcan, sound design Melissa Hunt, lighting design Emma Lockhart-Wilson.

Crossing Over and Hooking Up – workshop facilitator for cross-media collaboration, Next Wave Festival.

2008 Go Get Heard

Ensemble writer – Commission for Experimenta by Rhys Turner and Mel Ramos for an interactive installation work.

2008 Switch

Created by Cat Jones for The Conversation Contraption with The League of Imaginary Scientists.

1999 – 2008 catgURL

Written and Performed by Cat Jones. Created in collaboration with djbc, gail kelly, sam james, lucinda clutterbuck, justin moon and jo croft. Appearing at various venues, locations and events in Sydney, Brisbane and Edinburgh.

2005 TTS: Route 76, pvi collective, Performance Space, Sydney.

2001 steel fracture, The Party Line. Performance Space, Sydney, dir Gail kelly

2000 Trading Desire, That Elusive Thrill Series, The Milkbar, Sydney, dir Tanya Denny

2000 Absurd Shorts, That Elusive Thrill Series, The Milkbar, Sydney dir Janet Robertson

film and television

2014 Chicks on Speed, performer, short films Utopia and Golden Gang

2013 Werkweek Ecologie – Urban Ikebana –, Brussels, video and editing

2006 Wednesday 2:45PM, Remote Control Monkey, performer, short film dir Matt Solomon.

2006 Constellation – co-director and performer, stop motion short with Lucy HG.

2002 Fat Cow Motel – performer, television series dir Daniel Nettheim

2002 The Mormon Conquest, dragonet films,  performer, short film, dir Jackie Shulz

2000 The Last Paperboy, dragonet films, performer, short film, dir Matthew Duchesne.

selected professional development

Terri Janke and Company, Bush Products and the Law

Institute of Art and Olfaction, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Synapse (ANAT) School of Medicine and Pharmacology, University Western Australia

Synapse (ANAT) UniSA, Sansom Institute Body in Mind, University South Australia

SymbioticA, Perth

Proximity Lab, Perth

Hive Lab, Melbourne

Troika Ranch Dance Theatre – Isadora, Sydney

Toydeath – Hardware Hack, Newcastle – Critical Path, Sydney – site, sound, sight, Newcastle

Wendy Houston – performing with recorded media, Performance Space, Sydney

Barbara Campbell – Simulacra, Performance Space, Sydney

Time_Place_Space_1 – hybrid performance residency, Wagga Wagga

The Kitchen – TEXT: as a basis for multimedia performance, (Bill T Jones, Laurie Anderson, Yoko Ono, Talvin Wilkes) New York

Troika Ranch Dance Theatre – Live Interactive Workshop, New York

Electric TEXTures – Playworks and QUT, Brisbane

Angela de Castro – How to be a Stupid, Edinburgh

Playspace – Kate Kantor, Sydney

Ken Campbell – Edinburgh

David Grieg and Graham Eatough – Writing for performance, Edinburgh