Anatomy's Confection, On the Clitoris. Image by Cat Jones 2014


“…the top pick for anyone unfamiliar with one-on-one performance.”

Intimate Delights and Dark Disturbances, Nerida Dickinson, RealTime Arts 124

Audience Testimonials 

“…thought provoking, emotional, educational, beautiful, terrifying (just a little) but most of all incredibly morish.  I want to keep eating.”

“Beautiful, delicate…spectacular”

“…intricately immersive…”

“Fun and devastating.”

 Participants, Program A, Proximity 2014

“Reflective, informative, challenging, fun! Love your performances and the research into them.”

“My clitoris looks AMAZING!”

“That was so much fun!”  “Wow! You’re amazing!”

“The best by far and left me provoked. I woke still thinking about it…simple and direct and creates these huge waves of thought. I left feeling uplifted, that somehow we were on a path to knowing how bodies really are, as we wade through the molasses of conditioning driven by bizarre cultural influence.”

Participants, Anatomy’s Confection, Proximity 2014

“I was completely moved on so many levels. The vast array of emotions I felt to very deep levels include joy, scared, intrigued, sad, shocked, confused, traumatically upset. My mind is struggling to express in words what I just experienced! All were thought provoking and have moved me and touched me deeply very profound.” 

Participant, 22 October 2014, Program A & C

Presented as part of Proximity Festival 2014 22 October – 1 November, Fremantle Arts Centre

CONFECTION: (n) a medicinal preparation; a work of elaborate craftmanship; an artistry worn by women.

An immersive, one-to-one, performance installation.

A social surgery, a sculptor’s hand, and a labour of love. Come with an open mind and leave with your own intimate body of knowledge on the clitoris.

Is this for me? A curious conversation about human flesh for the anatomically playful.

Anatomy’s Confection at Proximity Festival was situated within Fremantle Arts Centre’s history as a women’s home and maternity training centre. It responds to the past censorship of, the urgent need for further research on female sexual anatomy, and the importance of widespread education on this subject.

Engaging with a sense of deep irony and play, Anatomy’s Confection is visibly moving for audiences of all genders and ages. Responses, often all in one performance, have ranged from shock, shouts of glee, deep sadness, political questioning, utter delight and pride of achievement and contribution. Many of have found ways to report back after the experience on the narratives that have evolved from sharing their sculpture with friends, family and even strangers.

This work is flexible, available to tour and can be accompanied with an exhibition of documented sculptural works created by participants.

Artist Cat Jones Provocateurs  Kelli McCluskey, Sarah Rowbottam, Steve Bull, James Berlyn.

This project was originally supported and presented by Proximity Festival, crowdfunding through pozible Clitorati, and MATCH funding from Creative Partnerships Australia. Special Clitorati thanks to pozible supporters Louise Tomlins, Antonietta Morgillo and Anonymous.

Cat Jones, Anatomy's Confection, Proximity Festival, 2014

Anatomy's Confection, Cat Jones, Proximity Festival 2014 Fremantle Art Centre