643 N. Ventura Avenue, Ventura, CA  93001
3rd – 30th April 2015

Opening 6-9pm 3rd April 2014

“Looking at these pictures is like looking at sculptural performance” [Cat Jones’ Field Suite]

Aaron, Audience Member, Distant Yet Connected

“Distant yet Connected” is a conversation among artists from different continents on planet Earth.  Cat Jones in Australia, Antti Tenetz in Finland, and Christine Morla and Lucy HG Solomon on the West Coast of California create an inter-species conversation through their subject matter – the elements of human and plant ecosystems.  Distant, maybe, but somehow these artists, and the ecosystems they describe, remain connected.  Above the arctic circle, in the night sun of a polar summer, Antti Tenetz turned to Lucy HG Solomon, and commented, “You see, these trees in the Arctic circle and those in California are all connected.”  He went on to explain that the boreal forest is considered the biggest terrestrial biome.  Just as the Spruces, Birch and Pine trees from Finland extend to California, so do California’s desert cacti and flowering gardens resemble the flora of Australia:  they are “Distant yet Connected.”

Lucy HG Solomon (below left) presents an animated, microcosmic view of ecosystems, where human experiences are embedded in nature, and visa versa.  Christine Morla (below right) renders plants in micro/macro and imaginative ways, with a human touch.


Antti Tenetz (below left) is an intermedia artist who is also a naturalist and adventurer.  Incidentally, he’s also a world champion ice sculptor.  Cat Jones (below right) creates empathic pathways between species, across geographies and time with touch.


We may be distant, yet we are connected.