Century's Breath, by Cat Jones 2015

Century’s Breath creates olfactory landscapes from the future designed by community in commemoration of the Climate Century. The original commission project responds to the site of LeFevre Peninsula, South Australia, known in the language of traditional custodians, the Kaurna people, as Mudlhannga, the nose place.

Century’s Breath creates a series of fleeting monuments to time and place – the building blocks of a chemistry that affects us all – our visions for the future. From the sulphuric shroud of mangroves, to the breath of a new species, together we describe the first, the last, the lost and the gained breaths of a century.

“Enthralling…really takes you somewhere…really makes you think.”
The Scentinel, AiX Scent Fair, Hammer Museum
“A frightening look at the future of a wild and beautiful part of the world.”
Dr Ellen Covey, Ca Fleure Bon
“Subtle, complex. A sense of deep emotion. So interesting how it changes! You need to wear responsibility, you have to own it. It’s personal it has weight and layers to it – as does the scent. I would wear this.” (Responsibility)
“Disgusting, revolting, I love it! It’s perfect.” (Western Sour)
“Rich, deep, beautiful, evocative, emotional, passionate. It gets to the heart of the matter.” (Red Autumn)
Visitors, Century’s Breath


Winner of the Golden Pear for the Sadakichi Art and Olfaction Award 2016 presented at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles.

Designs from Century’s Breath – LeFevre Peninsula

Designs from Century’s Breath – Los Angeles



Commissioned for Climate Century, Vitalstatistix and first presented at the South Australian Maritime Museum, 12 November – 13 December 2015.

This artwork responds to and takes place on the traditional country of the Kaurna people, the traditional custodians of this land. Cultural permissions for place name and translation references given by Kaurna Warra Karrpanthi, Kaurna Warra Pintyanthi.

Research leading up to Century’s Breath was supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body; and The Institute of Art and Olfaction, Los Angeles.

Special thanks to curators Emma Webb and Sasha Grbich; also to Emma O’Neill, Ollie Black, Barbery O’Brien, Proximity Festival, Helen Cole, Jen Jamieson, Anna Dunhill, Loren Kronemyer and  Saskia Wilson-Brown.

Century’s Breath is site responsive and available to tour. Please get in touch via the Contact page.


CLIMATE CENTURY is a multi year project by Vitalstatistix in association with the South Australian Maritime Museum

In the first iteration of Vitalstatistix’s long-term project Climate Century, we present an exhibition of multidisciplinary art works that imagine climate futures in the coastal and river environs of Port Adelaide and the LeFevre Peninsula.

Informed by the insight and foresight of local environmentalists, commissioned artists have conjured surprising, intriguing and beautiful interpretations of climate change that range from the melancholic to the utopian. The visual art, sound and live art works are presented alongside a month of public events and talks.

Presented in partnership with the SA Maritime Museum, the exhibition is the first public outcome of a five-year project (2014-2018) inviting artists to work with communities, scientists, environmentalists and others, to respond to the provocation: how will we commemorate and memorialise the climate century?

Creative Team: Sasha Grbich, Lindl Lawton, Kristin Alford, Emma Webb, Cat Jones, Prudence Gibson, Julie Henderson, Matthew Bradley, Sundari Carmody, Tristan Louth-Robins and Tristan Meecham

Exhibition: 12 November – 13 December 2015, various locations in Lipson St, Port Adelaide

Climate Futures: a different event each Sunday, 2-4pm

For further details see vitalstatistix.com.au



This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.