Somatic Drifts, Adhocracy Vitalstatistix. Image by Cat Jones 2014

” Exceptional…a sexuate and plant species becoming.”

Prudence Gibson and Monica Gagliano, The Feminist Plant

“Unexpectedly affecting in its therapeutic, closely guided dislocations of sense and self as well as its emotive engagement…”

Breakdown and Repair, Ben Brooker, Realtime 122

“Transporting and curious….like nothing else I’ve ever done…the yearning or the desire for it [the touch] is palpable.”

“Stunning. Like time traveling.”

“Loving and caring and fragile.”

Participants, Adhocracy, Vitalstatistix

Somatic Drifts is a live, one to one artwork and accumulative audio-visual installation. Exploring trans-human and inter-species empathy this intimate sensory experience enables the participant to experience the bodies of other entities, through touch and illusion. These mediatised, shamanic drifts enquire, What realm does the human exist within? How far can we drift? What can this drift enable us to change?

The multi-channel installation accumulates the donated bodies of participants and the narratives that inhabit them, to travel beyond their own boundaries across geography, time and consciousness.

Concept, design and performance Cat Jones with sound design by Melissa Hunt.

Installation view, Somatic Drifts by Cat Jones, Radical Ecologies, PICA. Image by ok media group 2016.

View trailer below (best with headphones)


Radical Ecologies, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art 30 July- 4 September 2016. Premiere of Somatic Drifts including live experience 2-6 August, accumulative 3 channel video installation, concrete poetry and limited edition scent.

The Art of Pain, Bob Hawke Centre, Kerry Packer Gallery, Adelaide, 20 -31 July 2015. Soft opening of Somatic Drifts live experience and installation whilst in development. Presented by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre, Pain Adelaide and the Australian Network for Art & Technology, The Art of Pain is an exhibition and symposium on the experience of chronic pain. Somatic Drifts weaves compelling ideas between our experience and capacity for empathy and the alleviation of pain.


Radio National Life Matters: Art of Pain rendering the invisible visible

Art of Pain: Playing Tricks with the Mind: Illusion and its Affect



Somatic Drifts has been supported by the Australian government through the Australia Council its arts funding and advisory body; Bundanon Trust AIR; Creative Practice Lab, School of the Arts and Media, UNSW; Adhocracy 2014, Vitalstatistix; and Waverley Studio AIR and SymbioticA. Research for this project has been supported by ANAT Synapse Residency with UWA School of Medicine and Pharmacology and UNISA, Sansom Institute, Body in Mind.

Special thanks to wunderkind Mark Mitchell, Gordy Rymer, Vicki Sowry, Su Goldfish, Prof Stephan Schug, Prof Lorimer Moseley, the Body in Mind research team, students of the Nuragili Winter School, Rene Christen, Antonietta Morgillo, Kate Brown, Cate Hull, Min Wong, Hayley Stone and many others.