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#olufsenandi #lettherightonein is a multi-species study on teachers, medicine and iatrogenesis.

A reflection on care and self-care documenting Jones’ experience of cohabitation with a free-roaming nocturnal Katydid during a time of extraordinary illness including parisitosis.

Comprising a tiny three channel video installation installed in the inkwells of old school desks. Each video loop documents the daily rituals of olufsen appearing and disappearing into darkness along with their elusive stridulations. Accompanied by a tiny fold out zine Habits of a Katydid or Rituals of Mind (after Allard 1928) with seven micro chapters – Hunger, Thirst, Cleanliness, Rest, Metaphysics, Freedom – and folding out overleaf, a colour Katydid mandala.

#olufsenandi #lettherightonein premiered at DUST, an exhibition on insects, collections and care, curated by Jacqueline Spedding, for Woodford Academy, National Trust heritage museum, Blue Mountains, September- November 2018.

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Dedicated to Alison Jones and all the creatures that care for her. With thanks to Abigail Sheppard, Peter Wielk and Elizabeth Macovaz.