The first in her Medicine for Misandry series, Equal Parts Milk marks a new investigation by Jones beginning with a probe of the ‘living-dead’ tissue of the male breast.

First presented as a performance lecture at Quite Frankly, It’s A Monster Conference, a centenary celebration in honour of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein by SymbioticA in 2018, this new project exposes and expounds on subjugated medical knowledge from a surprising range of sources crossing cultural traditions, medical history, animal husbandry, multi-species mashups and popular culture. Jones presents an hypothesis along with various evidence based but often humorous sample methodologies and invites the audience into a respectful, inclusive and heartfelt experiment.

Equal Parts Milk is a multi-platform project comprising performance lectures, imagery, objects, live art/actions, workshops, documentary interviews including opportunities for multi-disciplinary partnerships.

Seeking to soothe a complexity of ailments arising from unrequited equality and toxic masculinity, including misandry itself. Medicine for Misandry is for and by misandrists, or is it?

If you are a presenter interested in supporting queer, interdisciplinary work that inspires curiosity and conversation and want to be part of fleshing this project out please get in touch.

Conceived with the support of the state government through Create NSW Performing Arts and Music Fellowship with research conducted at Wellcome Collection, London.

Thanks to Elizabeth Stephens for early support through her ARC Future Fellowship, Quite Frankly it’s a Monster Conference, Kelli McCluskey and Steve Bull, Chris Cobilis for stepping up as the first poster boy, and to Lois Weaver for important conversations.