gendocite, catgURL by Cat Jones at SGLMG 2002

Last seen in 2008.

catgURL is a webmistress to cry for. she’s kitsch, queer, carnal and just a little bit cyber. she patrols sexual parameters in a virtual world of many genders. she defies stereotypes and deconstructs the universal desire for definitive sexuality. in a journey around the internet catgURL pursues metaphors for self discovery. audience logon as users, create their own identities, have a private chat and write their own gURL fictions. catgURL fetishises manual jargon, rounds up users and boots out lurkers. her transitory encounters with the audience create a new social politic every night. chapters include catsexing, doghandling, gendocite, chat noir, the femin_9’s and pap culture.

catgURL is an interactive, multi-media performance event, written and created by Cat Jones. The content for the work is created in “chapters”. The work is modular and can be cut-up, re-pasted and performed or viewed in multiple platforms or modes. The primary content is created around text (aural and visual), that crosses languages and mixes lexicons. catgURL consists of a large  body of work and is an ongoing project that could appear anywhere, anytime.

catgURL has been created in collaboration with djbc,  Lucinda Clutterbuck, Sam James, Gail Kelly, Justin Moon and Jo Croft and has been supported by the Australia Council’s New Media Arts Board and Theatre Boards, Performance Space, The Ian Potter Foundation, and the Department for Performance Studies.

catgURL has appeared at titt…titrott (WA), Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Performance Space, That Elusive Thrill, Queer Bits 1 & 2 by Onextra, Divine Divas (UK), Octopussy, The Circus and Physical Theatre Conference (QLD) plus parks, shops and homes.

pap culture, catgURL, with text content by the audience, Performance Space 2005