steel fracture

Steel Fracture, Party Line, Performance Space, Australian Technology Park, 2001

Steel Fracture was an interdisciplinary performance exploring the affects of steel on women’s bodies through the ages created by The Party Line for Performance Space. Cat Jones created the persona Naemia exploring concepts of the celluloid closet,  blood lust and addiction through performance, vocals and live feed video.

Artists: Gail Kelly (direction), Liberty Kerr (sound), Justine Cooper (visual media), Jam (steel), Angus Strathie (costumes), Clytie Smith (light), Shane Rowlands (text) and performers Cat Jones (live, vocals and live feed video), Celia White (live and vocals), Jo Croft, Barbara Clare Totterdell (live and vocals) and Stace Callaghan.

The Party Line was a company known for highly political, physical and visual performance works. Core members included Gail Kelly, Celia White, Simone O’Brien.