Choose to believe, choose to be lost. A performance, installation experience created by the PACT Ensemble 2011.

We share a universal desire to explain the inexplicable, to overcome the impossible, to achieve our destiny, a drive to believe in the potential of magic.

Created and performed by Taryn Brine, Kate Brown, Madison Chippendale, Cameron Ellis, Sam Koh, Annabelle McMillan, Lucille Lehr, Tanya Thaweeskulcha, Emma White and Amber Wilcox.

Directed by Cat Jones and Julie Vulcan with sound design and composition by Melissa Hunt, lighting design by Emma Lockhart Wilson, design by Lucy Thornett.

Season 23 November – 10 December, Wednesday to Saturday at PACT centre for emerging artists, Sydney.

What the reviewers said…

“…engaged and delighted…fascinating. Each section surprising, each unique from each other. This is a work which would easily exist at the Biennale – or within a festival – fun and fantastical and at times very, very beautiful…it invites you to have an experience – not merely view as a spectator – it invites you to be submerged into a surprising reality. One which I loved.”

Augusta Supple