obitsu solo series

A series of stills and animated dance solos exploring the featureless female form and disembodiment in contemporary dance practice.

Developed at Bundanon Trust Artist Residency in 2012 and currently in post-production.

Obitsu Solos’ explores the female form as an object in contemporary dance aesthetics via anthropomorphic action, delves into the personal politics of aesthetic beauty, physical control, and facelessness as a means of objectification.

No hair, eyes, mouth, obitsu has no gaze, no voice and exists in stasis without the animator, yet is still strangely compelling for the viewer, such is our conditioned fascination with the female as object.

Obitsu Solos is an extension of a body of work I have made around the objectified female form, and stereotyped sexuality, subverting expected modes of identity, communication and action.

The project subverts the obitsu subculture practice of applying dress, painted features, wigs, and personal histories to the figurine.