one night gallery

One Night Gallery, Point B, New York

Open Studios for artists in residence.

Excerpts from research for Transcontinental Garden Exchange by Cat Jones including photographs, audio, video, social action objects and visutactile experience.

Served with bespoke cocktails and finger food.

Works included:

Free Like the Epiphyte – video loop

Trail to a New Dawn – durational video and audio

Tiny and Blue – meditation listening station

Homoflora – meditation listening station

Your Inner Phytosis – meditation listening station

Evolution: A Walk with Herbivores – Photographic series with audio listening station

Needling Clitorides Histories – participatory action in embroidery

Empathic Limb Clinic – live participatory experience

Photographic collection series including Forward Moving Fruit; Homunculus; Study for Empathic Limb Therapy;and other prints from the above series.