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Traveling through the intricacies of imagination the artists, Cat Jones (Australia) and Sylvia Rimat (Germany/UK), create an experience that leads audiences through forests in two geographic locations.

Tree delves into the depths of imagination drawing on Neuroscience, plant signalling, the symbology of forests, and our very own personal imagined stories related to the woods.

Tree is an audio walk that takes place in Australia and Britain/ Europe and takes the form of a duet, to explore each different and far away geographic location, to be partly experienced and partly imagined.

Tree includes an associated book project in collaboration with neuroscientists. Each site-specific commission is accompanied by a workshop with local residents.

Tree strives to make bold connections between academic research, cultural narratives and our personal experience. The project aims to raise questions about identity, connectivity and how we interact with the world around us.


This project has been assisted by the federal government through the The Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body. Tree has been supported by residencies with Big Ci (Blue Mountains, Australia) and the Internationale Waldkunst Zentrum (Darmstadt, Germany).