“Focused…tender…rare…your work has a unique ability to connect us with ourselves and humanity.” Participant, Adhocracy

Part apothecary, part apothegmary, Medicament For Your Predicament, is a reflective, sensory workshop and feminist formulary that compounds political pharmacopeias. Ointments and salves, tonics, gargles and powders to soothe our soluble and insoluble bodies.

Drawing together her botanic, sensory and social practices, Jones invites participants to join these hands on kitchen/garden/lab conversations and contribute further to her ongoing research around medicine + feminist futures.

From antidotes to ire, diuretics for disillusionment and cures for capitalism, Medicament For Your Predicament gently applies a drawing ointment to modern maladies and creates recipes for transformation.

A highly flexible artwork comprising OPEN LAB! a sensory workshop in which participants reflect on matters close to the heart, formulate and compound their own pharmacopeias, and OPEN PHARMACY! a subversive dispensary with political pharmaceuticals and prescriptions on display, testers, merhandise, medicinal beverages and the effervescent power of conversation. More recipes in development.


METRO ARTS at Hope Street, Brisbane, QLD, December 2019.

ADHOCRACY, VITALSTATISTIX, Port Adelaide, SA, September 2019. Curated by Emma Webb, Paul Gazzola, Hen Vaughan, Jamila Main, Thom Smyth.

BLAST THEORY, Brighton, UK, May 2019


Sydney in 2020!

This project is supported by the federal government through the Australia Council for the Arts, pvi collective and Blast Theory through a program instigated by Sophie Travers; and by Vitalstatistix through Adhocracy. Conceived with support from the state government of New South Wales through a Create NSW Performing Arts and Music Fellowship. Special thanks to provocateurs Ju Row Farr, Maja Kuzmanovic and to Lois Weaver for sharing their own unique formulas, recipes and action ingredients.

With thanks to Helen Jones in Brisbane, Françoise Piron, Ollie Black, Georgie Davill, Emma O’Neill, Isobel Moore, Gemma Hansen and Jess Martin in Adelaide; Clare Plumley, Dan Lamont and Yin Wai Wong, Brighton.