A selection of words and images from me are featured in the latest publication by By Maja Kuzmanovic and Nik Gaffney of fo.am.

Dust & Shadow Reader #2 is dedicated to Attunement.

It comes in print, pdf and expanded digital version in the libarynth.


The Dust & Shadow reader #2 is a commonplace booklet exploring attunement as a proposition for engaging with the world, Earth-bound environments and their inhabitants, in a continuously changing field of relationships.

The motley collection of textual and visual excerpts in this reader offers glimpses of attunement from different perspectives, including ecological, technological, animist, transhumanist, artistic, scientific and philosophical points of view. The various perspectives present in the reader suggest a range of different ways of attuning to the wider (and wider-than-human) world. Some are intimate accounts of personal experiences, others present a more theoretical inclination. Some offer imaginative prompts, others concrete exercises. The reader hints at attunement as a way to mitigate the effects of environmental and cultural turbulence. It also invites us to experiment with attunement to reinvigorate our relationships with an uncertain present and unknowable futures.

With contributions from Ron Broglio, Edith Doove, Daniel Gilfillan, Erica Hanson, Cat Jones, Theun Karelse, Kevin McHugh & Scott Warren, Sam Nightingale, Adam Nocek, Anna-Maria Orru & Morten Søndergard, Jerneja Rebernak and others.